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Rewind & Forward – DJ Marcc Fence

Live From Dizgo Studio

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Tuesday 21:00 21:59

:: Rewind & Forward ::

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of sounds as the show creates a vibrant fusion of nostalgia and contemporary beats, ensuring that your Tuesday nights are nothing short of extraordinary. DJ Marcc Fence invites you to join him for a dynamic exploration of the evolution of dance music, where the past harmoniously meets the present.

Don’t miss out on this electrifying dance extravaganza that promises to be the highlight of your week. Tune in, and let the rhythm sweep you away on a captivating adventure through the finest sounds of both the past and present. Whether you’re a fan of classic hits or the latest beats, “Rewind & Forward” guarantees a musical celebration that will leave you eagerly anticipating each Tuesday night. So, mark your calendar, set your alarm, and get ready to dance the night away with DJ Marcc Fence!

Rewind & Forward – DJ Marcc Fence crew

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