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New Generation Italo Disco Show – Hans van Vliet

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Monday 19:00 23:59
Tuesday 23:00 23:59
Wednesday 23:00 23:59
Thursday 20:00 21:59
Thursday 22:00 23:59
Sunday 22:00 23:59

:: New Generation Italo Disco Show ::

Welcome to the New Generation Italo Disco Show, where pulsating beats meet futuristic vibes! Join us on a sonic journey through the latest and greatest in Italo Disco music,
blending classic sounds with modern beats. Discover the hottest tracks from emerging artists, delve into the roots of the genre, and experience the evolution of Italo Disco for the new generation. Tune in for a high-energy, synth-filled adventure that will transport you to the neon-lit dance floors of the future.
Get ready to groove and embrace the timeless spirit of Italo Disco like never before! By Hans van Vliet.

New Generation Italo Disco Show – Hans van Vliet crew

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