Italo Nonstop

nonstop radio show including the last news

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Wednesday 18:00 18:59
Friday 23:00 23:59

:: Italo Nonstop ::

Dive into the rhythmic tapestry of “Italo Nonstop,” a radio show that catapults you into the heart of Italo disco’s pulsating beats. Immerse yourself in a nonstop journey through the infectious sounds of the Italian dance music scene from the 80s and 90s. Feel the nostalgia as we seamlessly blend iconic hits and hidden gems, delivering an uninterrupted flow of euphoria and rhythm. Join us for a sonic experience that pays homage to the timeless magic of Italo disco, where every track is a celebration of dance floor bliss. “Italo Nonstop” is your passport to an electrifying voyage through the golden age of Italian dance music.

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