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Brutalian Disco Mix – Gianni DJ

Live From Dizgo Studio

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Wednesday 21:00 21:59

:: Brutalian Disco Mix ::

Allow me to introduce myself—my name is Hans van Buuren, also known as Gianni DJ. Given that my Italo music idol is Ken Laszlo, I thought my DJ alias should reflect that connection. The year was 1983 when, as a 12-year-old, Ken Laszlo introduced me to “Hey Hey Guy.” That moment laid the groundwork for my enduring passion for Italo, which has remained ingrained in me ever since.

While I also have an appreciation for Trance, Dance, Electro, High NRG, and some House, I must admit that when I find tracks in these genres appealing, it’s often due to the presence of the unmistakable Italo melody. I embarked on my DJ journey later in life, and I derive immense pleasure from it.

I extend my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to have my show broadcast on Dizgo Radio FM. Moreover, I take great pride in being an enthusiast of a truly distinctive genre—Italo! It’s a musical inclination passed down to those born in a certain era, particularly in the Westland.

My life motto? Embrace and enjoy life! Remember, life is very short (One System).

Gianni DJ

Brutalian Disco Mix – Gianni DJ crew

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