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Iventi d’Azzurro Live show with Marcello and Paolo Jay
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Every Monday from 21:00 till 23:00 (cet)


… about i Venti d’ Azzurro.

1986… what a year for Italo Music! A lot of people became aware of the fact that the most beautiful synthesizer dance-music came from Italy! Wonderful melodies and catchy songs pressed on vinyl with recordlabels that would become famous during the years..

However, the original Italo-Dance wasn’t just suddenly there, it developed during the early eighties. Because of the activities of distributing-companies like ‘il Discotto’, ‘Non Stop Dance’ and ‘Disco Magic’, the whole world got to know Gary Low, Martinelli, Hipnosis, Koto, Ryan Paris, Savage, P.Lion, and soon after many, many more!

As a group of fans we spotted so many songs as collector-items or as good radio music at that time. But for us it was still a freaky hobby instead of a business. 1984 and 1985 where very important years for a lot of record-companies, producers, artists and labels to establish themselves and to expand. In Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and The Netherlands and many other countries Italo-Dance became important for discotheques, clubs and soon after for radiostations and charts. In The Netherlands, Marcello wanted to get to know the people behind this kind of music a little better. So from the very start of Italo Dance he wrote to Italy… And not just once: he frequently sent his charts (MB Dance-charts) and he also visited the companies and artists. He wanted to go on with that activity on a more regular base and so Marcello decided to found “i Venti d’ Azzurro”, the one and only Italo-Fanclub in the world, on the first of Januari 1986.

In Europe the sales of Italo-Dance record went down because of the new entrance of House Music. But in Japan it was quite the opposite! The market became stronger and stronger there. Hi-NRG music still rules in a lot of clubs and compilation-albums are sold by thousands at a time in “the land of the rising sun”!

As a fanclub for all kinds of italian (dance-)music, we print release-news, charts, label-info and fan-news; We promote Italo-dance through our radio-shows and organize parties with Italian artists; We work together with Italian artists and producers by writing and even singing songs (as NRG-boys, Marc B.); We have our own label, “i Venti d’ Azzurro Records”; We import and distribute records and CD’s to shops and fans all over the world…. etc.etc.etc.

What will the future bring us ?? We can’t say but we hope to improve on each territory (like this new and improved challenge on the Internet), of course, and expect the Italians to continue creating wonderful music!


Hans van Vliet

december 16th, 2016

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