Z Jay

Z Jay
Birth name
Zoran Jovanovic
OldSkool, Club, Trance & Hardhouse

I was born in Kraljevo, Serbia.

In 1992 immediately after arrival in the Netherlands I was infected with the virus called House music. It has totally changed my look at music. There was no music style that has gripped me so much as House.

After years of having been part of Amsterdam’s nightlife scene I started in 2005 with something which ultimately became my biggest passion.

I went looking for all that good tracks that I have listened over the years in all those night clubs.

Then I assemble them in compilations that I have mentioned THE DIE HARDS OF HOUSE. Meanwhile, counter shows 107 homemade CDs.

It contains period from 1992 to around 2005 (95% of all the tracks from my collection consists of that period), which I and many others still find the best period in history of House music.

Via my friend Dj JD which is already playing at Dizgo I got in touch with Dizgo radio and they gave me opportunity to share my passion, with you.

I keep constantly looking for missing tracks for my collection, so my listeners will be assured of all banging tracks that they have listened in the past, and nowadays almost nowhere can be heard, except, of course, at Dizgo radio!

I wish you all a lot of fun listening to old bangers!!


Yours,    Z Jay

DizgoRadio.fm draait onder de uitdrukkelijke voorwaarden van Radionomy. Middels een Europese overeenkomst met Sabam verzorgt Radionomy de afdracht van auteurs- en naburige rechten.